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Not only was it fun, but there is an indescribable magic that I found very inspiring; I thought it would be fun to see that translate in the creative process. I felt very empowered by the shift in energy on set just by those two positions being held by women. Still, at neither of those points did I know I was going to direct a film. But all those experiences brought me to the decision of saying, "If I’m in the position of making these decisions, let’s just go for something that hasn’t been done before and that might actually affect and inspire change on a broader scale."So how did I go about finding an all-female crew?

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There were a series of turning points in my life that led me to be the change I wanted to see. My mother is a feminist and had her own all-female film and video collective in the '70s.

It imbued the way I approached my own filmmaking and my own work.

For him to say that he wants to start hiring all-female or predominantly female crews, I think that’s when I started to feel there could be ripple effects.

Adam has a daughter, and it was really amazing for him to see how vast the possibilities were for her.

that meant writing, directing, producing, and starring in the kind of entertainment she wants to watch more of on the big screen.

And—for the first time ever on a feature-length film—hiring an all-female crew to make that happen.

Adam Pally (as well as Fred Armisen, Hannah Simone, Brooklyn Decker, Retta, and others) about a couple who attempts to save their marriage by starting a band and using marital arguments as material for songs.

Lister-Jones debuted the film at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and it immediately drew rave views for its script and performances.

Having everyone all together in that house was such a special experience for me that something clicked.

Something happens when women are together and are allowed to be in community without interruption!

But we're equally as impressed with the lengths Lister-Jones went to in order to ensure that this film would truly change the conversation off camera.

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