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The youngest Roloff penned an extensive blog post in April 2017 detailing his own experiences and issues with Christianity, writing: "After coming to know Christianity through leaving it, I wish more than ever that I could call myself one, but alas I cannot, and I feel no rush to choose a replacement," Jacob wrote .), Jacob said he had seen storylines for the reality show "drawn up" for the sake of television, and that the family seen on the show is not his family.

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She went on to detail her struggles with breastfeeding her baby, comparing the pain she'd personally experienced while nursing to that of "unmedicated labor contractions." She continued with a painfully relatable confession: "[All] of this has left me feeling like I am failing my baby." It's always interesting to learn the first thing people notice upon meeting you.

Maybe it's your eyes, maybe it's your smile, maybe it's the tiny piece of spinach stuck in your teeth that your "friends" failed to tell you about.

You've definitely heard of marriage, but perhaps you haven't heard the term "covenant marriage" — a term that refers to a deeply religious union where God is at the center.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff strive to uphold this definition, and their shared marriage website, , is a testament to just how much the couple values religion in their marriage.

The newlywed Roloffs definitely had an intimate experience, though probably not what most people would consider "steamy." In the September 2016 blog post titled "The Most Intimate Thing You'll Ever Do," Audrey wrote, "On our honeymoon, I had this crazy idea …

" Sure — reading wedding vows during sex isn't everyone's cup of tea, and it seems that, while Mrs. "[This is] the most intimate thing I've ever done, but you might think it's super weird," the reality star prefaced the blog post.

Here's the untold truth of the captivating redhead whose marriage into the Roloff family has catapulted her to fame. Marriage, if you're into that, is also a beautiful thing.

Audrey Roloff is certainly into marriage, and the girl has no qualms about letting fans in on the juicy details of what happens behind her and husband Jeremy's closed bedroom doors.

As any celebrity can tell you, fame comes with a price.

The same is true for even reality television stars like Audrey Roloff, who has been subject to the court of pubic opinion for her openly conservative viewpoints.

"Here you will find videos, photos, and writings that inspire covenant marriages," the site reads.

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