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She last wrote for the magazine about the novelist and screenwriter Gillian Flynn.

Relationships can be a complicated territory to navigate, each individual coming into it with their own perspective, history, and values.

However, setting up relationship rules can create a clearly defined framework to lay the course for a positive relationship.

To the extent that anyone on the show is looking for love, they’re doing so casually, nonaggressively, realistically. First dates are inherently dramatic, even when they’re dull.

The atmospheric nerves — choosing an outfit, worrying you’ve said something dumb — easily create enough tension to carry a 30-minute television show.

Like keeping up with a decent TV show, it’s at least something to do.

Lauren Oyler is a writer working on a novel about dating and social media.

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The impulse to control or strategize romance isn’t new — red flags and deal-breakers, and the analysis they inspire, abound in 1990s romantic comedies, and courtship rituals predate humanity entirely.

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