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Your duty is to serve Me, obey Me, worship Me, spoil Me ! I miss you my blond-girl Anna a pretty brunnete that had dissapear for a while but she came back better than ever.

I am a real Mistress, experienced, demanding, sarcastic and sadistic, with a low-tolerance for bullshit.

I am here to take advantage of your weakness, to use you and abuse you for My own entertainment !

Thanks Emily and your friend C....a that makes me the proposal to meet you. Although in her late 20's she is as much if not more fun than anyone else i have seen in a long time. Her orgasms are pure and out of this world and 100% horny. Enjoys what she is doing and makes you feel at ease. thanks for good time Dana.Η κοπέλα έχει διάθεση να κάνει οτι της πεις, αν δεν της πεις όμως μπορεί και να σε κοιτάει.

Always presented well with stockings and heels etc. Once you have tried her then you just keep going back to her. She looks even better than her pictures with her the most beautiful smile and long slim legs. Η πίπα της τίποτα σπουδαίο αν και είχα προσδοκίες από άλλες κριτικές.

Upon opening the door one is dazzled by her beauty. Dasha is an escort in the truest sense: from the time of seduction, then it's an avalanche of fun. She is a real pretty girl with nothing fake on her , Very nice woman body and not only bones that you can have accidents .

Skin like real silk that you want to touch and touch again and again.

Absolutely perfect breast,fantastic blow job and a very good sex. First of all,she's not as thin as you see in the photos. She is very good in her work and i had very good time. Confident warm personality and She definitely knew how to please me and performed all services with skill and enthusiasm. Η ατυχία μου βέβαια ήρθαν και η "ρώσοι" την ώρα που έμπαινα και μετά επισκέφθηκα το μουνί του μέλλοντος, αντιλαμβάνεστε.

Second,she tries to avoid sex by talking and after some point the whole thing becomes rediculus. Her blowjob was just the usual and she won't allow you to play with her nipples. If you know to discover her she can have good orgasm make you feel sexy and ready for more. Το στήθος φυσικό μα χάλια, και τελείως ντεκαυλέ τα μουνόχειλα τα οποία κρέμονται σαν το λυρί του κόκκορα.

Anal is being charged extra, but I did not ask it anyhow. Είναι τέλεια, η απόλαυση του πρωκτικού, του golden shower και το σημαντικότερο δεν λέει ποτέ όχι-Μπορείς να τελειώσεις πολλές φορές έχει φοβερές ιδέες πάνω στο σέξ και επίσης έχει τρομερή και προσεγμένη καρταρόμπα.Είναι τρελλή!

The agency responce was good, although as the time of the meeting approached they became a bit pushy. Προτείνει ιδιαίτερα αυτό το καλοκαίρι τις φίλες της Μόνι από eritogirls, την Εμιλυ (ανεξάρτητη) καθώς και την φίλη της Ζαζα από swedishharmony για GFE,όλες από Πολωνία!

She likes better soft sex than hard and she is recommended for gfe. Sweet easy-going girl,darker hair than fotos,with a bit more makeup she would easily score 8,nice body (the years of dancing classes perfectly balance her soft spot for bitter chocolates)and small natural perky tits with good size nipples,quite good communication in English.

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