Wpf listview observablecollection not updating

You can see the code below: public class Check Box List View Item : INotify Property Changed Now we'll just create some test objects when the Window is created for testing: This gives you the result below: Adding a Check All button is also pretty simple.

On click event for the button we just need to loop through the check boxes change the Is Checked property to true.

It actually represents the object for each row in the list view.

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Note that the View Model knows nothing about the View.

The first part, Items Source, binds the contents of the List Box to the Observable Collection, by telling it to look for the Persons property in the Data Context (our View Model class).

The best way to learn a technology is to write some code with it, so I have begun working on a project of my own, which I hope to complete by end-March (in spite of being working full bore on a project for a client).

So far, working with Model-View-View Model and WPF has proven easier than what I expected.

Here is how I'm handling the switching with a Content Control A brief explanation of the program might help so I'll explain it.

The mainwindow opens with 2 columns (a listbox) and an area to hold the current usercontrol view. When I select the Store Password listitem the view switches over to my Create Password Entry View so that the user can create a new entry.If you run the application, the list should be populated, and whenever you select a person in that list, it will update the selected person in the View Model, and display the first and last name in the view.I can't seem to find anything on this that relates to my issue.First part is done; if you run the app, you should see the List Box display the names of some fine people.Now let's add the following code to the View Model, to keep track of the selected Person: we want the selected item in the List Box to drive the Selected Person in the View Model.The final product we'll essentially look like this: To add the check box to each list view item, we need to change the XAML generated for the list and include and add a Grid View and will contain two columns: one for the check box and one for the label.

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