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In Pakistan, 90 percent of women experience domestic violence in their lifetimes.

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In the eastern DRC, a war that claimed more than 3 million lives has ignited again, with women on the front-line.

Many others were victims of direct attacks and violence perpetrated by the warring parties or by rogue armed militias.

In some tribal areas, women are gang raped as punishment for men’s crimes.

But honor killing is more widespread, and a renewed wave of religious extremism is targeting female politicians, human rights workers and lawyers.

According to the BBC report, Syrian women were being sexually exploited in return for humanitarian aid.

Ranked as third most dangerous country for women in terms of access to healthcare and both sexual and non-sexual violence. The country is on the risks women face of sexual abuse.

Due to the ongoing armed conflict in Yemen, Yemen is undergoing a humanitarian crisis worldwide with 22 million people in need of vital assistance.

Also, women and girls have been left vulnerable to inhumane violence, physical and psychological abuse and exploitation.

It is a famine-level humanitarian crisis, without the charity concerts.

After years of factional bloodshed and lawlessness, the country listed as seventh worst country for women as regards sexual violence.

The image of the 21st century woman is confident, prosperous, glowing with health and beauty.

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