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Lee O’Denat, an internet entrepreneur who founded the website World Star Hip — which came to represent the pure id of hip-hop with its mix of music videos and street fights, superstars and unknowns, the grotesque and (very occasionally) the feel-good, and which at its peak was among the most heavily trafficked properties on the internet — died on Monday in San Diego. The cause was atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, a spokeswoman for the San Diego County medical examiner’s office said.Lee Quinn O’Denat, better known as Q, was born on Nov.

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This site digs deeper and gets all of the details that other hip hop sites miss.

Plus, the site itself is very well organized and laid out in a way that is easy to navigate and search.

He explained that O'Denat tarnished his image by having his image up on the site without his permission.

After a five-year battle, 50 Cent finally won the case against World Star.

Described by Vibe as a "remnant of the Geocities generation", the site regularly features public fighting caught on video, music videos and assorted content targeted to young audiences.

O'Denat referred to the site as the "CNN of the ghetto".

2, 1973, and raised in the Hollis section of Queens.

He lived around the corner from Salt, of the trio Salt-N-Pepa, and grew up obsessed with hip-hop.

I give World Star Hip Hop a perfect 5-star review, because I honestly feel that this is what they deserve. It's a good time-waster, but sometimes the commenters ruin it for me.

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