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Since my first outbreak (which was very severe) I have never had another one. Do these things make it less likely that I will pass on the virus?

My first outbreak was a terrible experience, and I do not want to cause anyone else to go through that, but I’m also not sure if I’m being overly cautious. Here’s our best attempt to help you out.– Genital HSV-1 is extremely common!

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Members can get 100% anonymity and profiles quality are great.

Positive Singles Offer excellect IOS and Android app applications, you can date anytime on the go.

If someone already has HSV-1 in their mouth, could sex with me cause them to have a genital outbreak?

Although I’ve never had a cold sore, could I pass the HSV-1 to someone by kissing them? If they give me oral sex, will they get oral HSV-1?

The rise of online herpes dating sites has been a revolution for people with herpes.

Two out three singles with herpes are using these dating sites from around the world.

Most people don’t realize that it’s possible to spread HSV-1 to another person via oral sex, even when they don’t have a visible cold sore.

A lot of people think oral sex is safe, and don’t use any sort of protection.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to not waste time and find “the one”.

Most of the time we forget to enjoy the person who’s in front of us for who they are.

It can be hard for you to sift through all of them.

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