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They even had it delivered to them on their holiday to Scarborough - peek at the top right hand corner of the newspaper and you'll see a hand written address...

Hanging on the wall of Florence's parlour is a sampler she worked on as a child whilst at boarding school. Above the door in the kitchen sit a row of servants' bells.

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to and from club events in accordance with the clubs transportation policy as laid out in the Safeguarding policy. to get changed in the changing rooms whilst adult members of the club are in there at the same time. to be in in the changing rooms at the same time whilst adult members are getting changed. I am / am not happy for other adult members to be in the changing room whilst I am getting changed. Facebook account to be a member of the closed WLHC group and / or team closed groups on Facebook.

By giving this consent I am happy for …………………………………………

On the table in the dining room sits a copy of the Worksop Guardian.

The Straw family had the paper delivered to their house daily, to keep up with what was happening around Worksop.

There was an 11 year gap before Herbert was born in 1886.

Their father, Charles, had spent his working life employed as a miner.

to be in contact with other adult club members on Facebook through the above-mentioned groups with the understanding that all adult members have been made aware of their responsibility to only post or share content appropriate to anyone who could see it on their profile.

This is relevant whether the post is related to hockey or directed specifically to a WLHC member directly or not. If you have any concerns or questions relating to any information on this consent form or any of WLHC policies then please do not hesitate to contact a club committee member.

I am aware that WLHC strongly discourages the acceptance of junior members on personal Facebook and other social media accounts if the main reason for their contact is through the hockey club, however the club cannot enforce or monitor this on an individual basis. If you have had or ever have any concerns in relation to the welfare of your child, another junior club member or any concern relating to safeguarding and welfare in the club then please feel free to speak with the clubs welfare officer: Club Welfare Officer Details: Name: Jemma Robbins Mobile Number: 07742 953 683 Email: [email protected] details are correct for the 2017-2018 season.

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