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Two-thirds of our female respondents say they have never used the derogatory term “faggot.” Also, 72 percent say a celebrity coming out as gay would not negatively impact their views.

Of course, it’s a common belief that staying within one’s culture leads to smoother relationships.

That applies with race, but what about marrying outside of one’s religion?

The respondents represented a diversity of educational and financial backgrounds.

Almost half of them have never been married; 34 percent are currently married; and the remaining percentages are either divorced, widowed or separated.

And family introductions don’t do that well, either (9 percent).

Perhaps bolstering the “high school/college sweetheart” or “young love” tropes, 16 percent say they met their current partners in school (the place with the highest percentage). Many men would surely like to know when she wants to take that first but huge step.

African-American women’s views were more spread out when asked if they would settle down with someone outside their faith: Most participants hold neutral views about their men drinking alcohol and using marijuana, but there is an extremely negative reaction to cocaine.

For the most part, women have no main “dealmakers” besides wanting a man with good income.

In all polling, the lower the income, the more conservative the attitude of African-American women.

Not surprisingly, millennials, overall, are far more liberal in their views on LGBTQ relationships. With regard to finding a suitable mate, Black women are generally tepid, the study reveals.

In relation to LGBTQ relationships As Black women’s relationships evolve, so do their views on LGBTQ issues, which may not be as liberal as those of many other groups in the nation.

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