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If you hover your onscreen pointer on or near one of the names, you can learn some details of the network, including the strength of the signal and whether the system is protected by password security.Click the network you want to use and click connect.The item names can vary by brand and model and might be different from those in the following list.

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Note The procedures in this guide do not include instructions for cases in which the User Account Control dialog box opens to request your permission to continue.

If this dialog box opens while you are performing the procedures in this guide, and if the dialog box was opened in response to your actions, click Continue.

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If you need more than one security group for wireless users, repeat these steps to create additional wireless users groups.

Later you can create individual network policies in NPS to apply different conditions and contstraints to each group, providing them with different access permissions and connectivity rules.

If the network requires validation, enter the network security key or pass phrase. If you have successfully made the connection, you get a confirmation message. You can also confirm the connection by clicking Start, Network.

You should see icons for the network you just added, as well as for other computers and devices that are part of the network.

Validating your copy of Windows XP Professional involves registering the operating system.

Registering the copy also stays in accordance with Microsoft's end-use license agreement, and is key if you're a business owner – a registered copy allows you to install updates that can improve your company's efficiency and security.

By default, the Group Policy Management feature is installed on computers running Windows Server 2016 when the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) server role is installed and the server is configured as a domain controller.

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