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Microsoft will probably continue rolling out major updates to Windows 10 in the form of “builds” that contain all previous updates.

This means that you’ll be unavailable to avoid updates forever, just as you’d have to accept an update when it appeared in a service pack on previous versions of Windows — assuming you wanted to upgrade to that service pack.

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When you use the “PC Reset” feature found in Windows 10 to restore your PC, you won’t have to re-download every single Windows update that’s ever been released.

Instead, the new PC Reset feature will give you a fresh, up-to-date Windows system.

But, either way, you’ll get those feature updates — it will just happen a few months later.

Click the “Advanced options” link in the Windows Update interface and you’ll only find two “Choose how updates are installed” options.

Note that this only affects the current WI-FI network you’re connected to, but Windows will remember the setting for this specific network in the future.

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Windows 10 retains most of the old Control Panel, but the Windows Update interface has been removed.

Instead, you’ll find Windows Update in the new Settings app under Update & security.

Unlike on previous versions of Windows, there’s no way to select individual updates you want to download.

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