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Female, 14 years old, PAQuestion/Issue: Is it normal to be terrified every time I see my ex-boyfriend/abuser?

Because every time I see him in public, I have a panic attack.

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It is perfectly normal to be scared and terrified around this person when abuse is associated with him.

It must have been really tough and scary to have to see him and have to revisit that time in your life.

https:// is a resource that can give you support on how to deal with the dramatic stress when you are having a panic attack. list=PL_loxo CVs Wqz Lpt VD96E-DOlz Whb XT_H8 This is Kati Morton's You Tube channel regarding to PTSD.

Kati Morton is an online therapist and a great resource that can provide you support and guide you through your fear.

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