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according to reports, Channing "really likes" Jessie.

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She’s on the road, but he is very interested in getting to know her and doesn’t mind tagging along.

He’s making a lot of effort and wants to spend as much time with her as he can. He’s known her for awhile and always thought she was very talented.” Who knew a mini golf job could be so crazy.

Tatum, who split with his wife of nine years, Jenna Dewan, in April, has been spotted at Jessie J’s recent concerts in Seattle and Salt Lake City.

reported yesterday that the relationship is “new, casual and they’re having fun together.” E! A very chatty source told the site, “They’ve been hanging out a lot lately and he’s excited about seeing her.

While they were conspicuous on arrival, Channing apparently came to find Jessie before the show finished, and asked her to slow dance during Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud'.

A source at commented, "Jessie discretely made her way into the theatre through the exit door just before the show started.

Whoever was there got to witness something special. Ben commented, "The thing that I find amazing is these youngsters come and perform so brilliantly as well and they own that space.

Wow." 29 November 2018: Jessie J watches Channing Tatum's Magic Mike Live performance from a private box at the Hippodrome in London's Leicester Square. A few months ago they we had a big performance here in the , the whole lot turned up.

"Hottest Instagram food model in the game right now."Nice use of the rabbit emoji too...5th March 2019: Jessie shares a sweet message she got from Channing. According to reports, Channing and Jessie are already discussing getting married! magazine, "Jessie and Channing’s relationship has been going from strength to strength lately, which has really taken their friends by surprise."In fact, things have got so serious they’ve even discussed getting hitched, which isn’t too surprising when you consider that Channing is a really mature guy who knows exactly what he wants."He’s been married before so it’s not a scary topic for him and he’s certainly not afraid of commitment, while Jessie has been desperate to find The One for some time now after a few failed relationships, and she thinks Channing could be him.

She posts a screenshot on Insta Stories of Channing replying to a photo she posted. She’s pinching herself she’s so happy."Cripes.28th March 2019: Channing Tatum posts a super-gushy birthday message to Jessie J.

According to documents obtained by also revealed that lawyer Samantha Spector submitted the documents in which Jenna asked for joint legal and physical custody of their five-year-old daughter Everly.

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