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This is Silverstone, John Beresford Tipton's 60,000 acre estate.

From here, he spent the later years of his life pursuing many hobbies, often tied to his fascination with human nature and behavior. Tipton was a man of so many wide interests, that when called into his presence, one never knew just what to expect.

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The Millionaire is an American anthology series that aired on CBS from 1955 to 1960. The series, produced by Don Fedderson and Fred Henry, explored the ways that sudden and unexpected wealth changed life, for better or for worse, and became a five-season hit during the Golden Age of Television, finishing in the Nielsen ratings at #9 for the 1955–1956 season, #13 in 1956–1957, #17 in 1957–1958 and #30 in 1958–1959.

It told the stories of people who were given one million dollars ($9.35 million in 2018 dollars) from a benefactor who insisted they never knew him, with one exception.

The camera then showed Anthony entering Tipton's presence, invariably greeting him with, "You sent for me, sir?

" Tipton spoke for a moment to Anthony (always referring to him as "Mike"), explaining what prompted him to choose "our next millionaire", before he actually handed Anthony the envelope containing the check, sometimes adding, "I'll want a full report." Following the commercial break, Anthony, back in the present and behind his desk, would introduce the week's millionaire.

The series was known in syndication by two titles, as The Millionaire and as If You Had a Million.

The benefactor was named John Beresford Tipton, Jr.

The only other time Tipton was seen in any episode, beyond his presentation of Anthony with the next check to deliver, was one in which Anthony was arrested and needed Tipton to bail him out so that he could finish the mission.

In another episode, Anthony said that the beneficiary "got the money, all right ...

Viewers heard his voice, making observations and giving instructions; they saw only his arm as he reached for a cashier's check for one million dollars each week and handed it to Michael Anthony, his executive secretary.

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