Whos t i dating

Yes maybe he is just looking for ass, but why then mention kids at all?

Why not just fade and ghost like so many do, if he wants out?

So for you op Sometimes it doesnt need to be said that he either is going to take you or leave you and you will be just fine either way because your ultimately going to choose the man who wants to be with you anyway.

Messing about with other men and losing focus or being dumped by this guy for "cheating" is not in her best interests, is it?

There comes a time when "Next" can just mean another loser, so surely it is best to make a bit of effort to not spoil things when something good comes along.

Get clear with yourself and then you can be 100% clear with potential relationship partners.

My first thought was that, like most men, he just started dating you because he was attracted to you and liked you and didn't think about much else.

Even more wierd supposedly being a pretty smart guy and with a dad that's a doctor. Anyway , looks like your gonna have to talk about all this stuff sometime soon, but l guess there's also always adoption too maybe or other things you might be able to look at together if things work out. because he wasn't opening an honest dialogue about kids or finding out your view ... The people I know who are older and want to have kids ... I think I'll have to leave the decision up to him as to whether we continue dating or whether he continues his search for women who may likely be more fertile than I am.

I'm going to step back and say the issue here isn't fertility of people in their 40s. Outside of this one issue, I have liked him so much - more than any man I've met in years, so possibly ending things solely because of my age/fertility makes me so sad.

Many of the men I date are open to adoption as a backup.

Do you want kids or not, or are you undecided but open to it?

I want kids but I am also fine if I end up not having them since I am a sexy 43 and its important I am with a man who is on the same page as me and go on about your business. But I just dont recommend you wait on him to choose you if he is not your exclusive boyfriend.

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