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She has appeared in several movies like ‘Life-Size’, ‘Love Stinks’, ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’, ‘Coyote Ugly’, ‘Halloween: Resurrection,’ and ‘Love & Basketball’.Tyra Banks has also appeared in various music videos including “Black or White” by Michael Jackson, “Love Thing” by Tina Turner, “Too Funky” by George Michael, and “Trife Life” by Mobb Deep.

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For such a remarkably public figure, who is super active on social media and hosting one of the top entertainment shows in the US, Banks has only been pictured a handful of times with her long-term boyfriend. Banks is famous for keeping her relationships under wraps - she previously dated Seal for several months in 1996.

"It came drama-free and they’re co-parenting their young son," a source told the New York Post's Page Six.

She started her own production company called ‘Bankable Productions’ and started the shows Tyra Bank Shows and America’s Next Top Model.

She has also produced the movie ‘The Clique’ in 2008.

She has won two Teen Choice Awards out of seven nominations. She has also received the Online Film & Television Association nomination in 2005.

Tyra banks novel topped the Best Seller list of New York Times in 2011.

She is also a writer and is also a guest lecturer at Stanford University.

Banks have also launched her own production company and have produced shows and movies.

In 1998, she co-authored the book called ‘Tyra’s Beauty, Inside and Out’. In 2013, she changed herself into 15 supermodels with the help of Udo Spreitzenbarth, a fashion photographer.

Tyra Banks has won the Daytime Emmy Awards twice out of three nominations.

She is the creator of the reality TV series ‘America’s Next Top Model’.

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