Who is nikki sixx dating now 2016

Later, they together formed a new band called London and recorded a number of demos. Finally, he along with drummer Tommy Lee founded Motley Crue which was later joined by guitarist Mick Mars and singer Vince Neil.

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Unfortunately, his mother also abandoned him later.

He is of Italian ancestry and holds the American citizenship.

Talking about his education, he has attended six schools within 11 years when roaming around here and there for the living.

Sixx started learning bass guitar after being expelled from the school because he was found selling drugs.

Giving up on love can be hard but what if it is for the best? Well, we know that’s a stupid question to ask, but apart from making head-turning music, Nikki is also someone who has had his share of ups and downs when it comes to personal life. The Mötley Crüe bassist met his now-wife in 2010, and after two years of dating, in 2012, he popped the question and asked her to be his wife. The couple gave their relationship as fiancés a little time to grow, before making it official and getting married at the Greystone Mansion in Los Angeles on March 15, 2014.

But being twice married before gave him a family and a daughter who he looks after like a father should. We’ll get back to his previous affairs and his kids in a bit but first, let’s talk about his present; his relationship with wife Courtney Bingham.

Nikki Sixx is an American famous bassist who has founded the heavy metal band, Motley Crue.

Furthermore, he is a songwriter, radio host and has written multiple biographies including New York Times’s Best Seller ‘The Dirt’.

Caption: Nikki Sixx and Courtney Bingham at their wedding day in 2014.

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