Who is maryse dating in real life

At one point, Triple H was WWE Champion while Stephanie Mc Mahon was Women’s Champion.

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Miss Elizabeth managed Macho and accompanied him to the ring.

Although the two were going datibg turbulent times in their lives, they were able to portray an who are the wwe divas dating in real life segment at Wrestle Mania VII that left the entire arena in tears.

Hearing that WWE Superstars are dating is commonplace nowadays and it makes sense when we look at the schedules most Superstars are on.

Today, we take a look at some of the some of the success stories when it comes to WWE Superstars dating.

The lives of WWE Superstars aren’t easy and they’re often on the road for days at a stretch, wrestling every night, taking bumps and bruises.

Sometimes, it’s fellow wrestlers on the road who understand them the best.

In 2016, Maryse returned to the WWE as Miz’s manager.

Currently, apart from appearing on Smack Down, the pair also star in their own reality series, Miz and Mrs.

Triple H and Stephanie got married in 2003 in a small ceremony in front of family and friends.

WWE’s power couple have had 3 daughters since then and they have only gone from strength to strength.

Ambrose and Young got married in 2017 buts only found out about it later after seeing them wearing wedding rings later on television.

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