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In September 1822 he arrived in Hobart Town in the Heroine.By his own account he was 'penniless and unfriended', but among his acquaintances were John Dunn, George Carr Clark and Henry Hopkins.Being a working professional designer as well as a full-time teacher, he constantly addresses the issue of remaining completely up-to-date on all software and hardware systems as well as the issue of the rapidly evolving demands of the commercial design environment.

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His clients ranged from Fortune 100 company Philip Morris Management Corporation to marketing giant Ryan Partnership to small local companies. Magazine and Philip Morris Management earned an Apex Award for excellence in magazine publishing and a Golden Quill Award from the IABC for newspaper publishing excellence, respectively.

Professor Walker specializes in editorial design for print, web, and multimedia.

Walker was twice married: first in 1827 to Janet Glass; they had several children, all of whom with one exception survived him; and second in 1858 to Julia Speke, née Coverdale, the widow of Charles Bradbury, inspector of schools.

At Walker's death she and their only son were in England, and she died there at Cheltenham on 19 December 1891.

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[Verse] I'd rather sing than keep quiet Only my feet know where I've been I had a dream, and now I can't forget about it I'm in it deep, please stop asking I wanna be something different I had a dream, and now I can't forget about it [Chorus] Who even knows what we are going through?

Walker served actively as a commissioner for Hobart before the municipal council was formed, and in 1840 he was appointed a justice of the peace.

In 1851 he was elected for Brighton to the Legislative Council and after responsible government he represented Hobart in the Upper House.

John Walker (1799-1874), miller, brewer, merchant and landowner, was born at Ednam, near Kelso on the Scottish border, the son of Robert Thomas Walker, a local flour-miller and farmer.

John went to school at Kelso and attended the Presbyterian Kirk of Rev. His father failed in the depression after Waterloo, so at 21 John decided to emigrate in order to retrieve the family fortunes.

During that time he was the Design Director for a national sports magazine from its start up phase through its sale and integration to publishing giant Scholastic, Inc.

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