Who is jerry from icarly dating

Eventually, Carly and Freddie asked his former classmates (and prank victims) to visit the apartment and try to reason with him.Instead they got revenge on him by pinning him to the ground and hitting him, curing his obsession.

In i Hire An Idiot, he reveals a bet he made with his grandfather that if he couldn't get one of his sculptures in a museum in three years, he had to go back to law school.

In i Won't Cancel The Show, Spencer talks to his father on the phone and tells him that law school is going great, revealing that he still has not told him that he dropped out.

In i Do, it is confirmed that he hasn't had a steady girlfriend since high school, he doesn't like it when people say his butt is flat, and he drinks milk in the shower (also said in i Got a Hot Room).

It is seen on a few occasions that he can play the banjo, a skill he has used to attract women.

Jerry Trainor was born on January 21, 1977, and is an American television and movie actor.

Jerry graduated from the University of San Diego High School, which is now known as Cathedral Catholic High School, and Jerry's mother teaches both pre-calculus and calculus there.

According to Veronica (his previous girlfriend) in i Enrage Gibby, Spencer is "too loud," which is technically true as proven in most episodes. They soon kicked him out of the group because Spencer is known to make an "unusual" face whenever he sings.

According to Gibby's mom in i Fix A Popstar, Spencer is an amazing cook. In both i Party with Victorious and i Lost My Mind, it is seen that Spencer is not afraid to get in touch with his feminine side, which is shown by meetings with his ladies' book club, where they discuss books and recipes for fruit tarts.

As an artist, Spencer is usually making an odd art project for some equally weird reason.

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