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Accommodating from four to six guests, an multi-course menu for lunch or dinner created by Chef Director, Ashley Palmer-Watts will be presented to your table by the Head Chef.

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To celebrate the distillations, infusions and innovations of the Bar at Dinner we have created a flight of cocktails accompanied by snacks from the Dinner kitchen to delight the senses.

Each with its own historic and innovative story, the cocktails and their inspiration will vary monthly.

British novelist Alec Waugh called it “the most powerful drink in the world”, while in The Savoy Cocktail Book Harry Craddock adds the footnote “Hits with remarkable precision”.

In 1919, a regular guest at the Casoni Bar in Florence, Count Camilo Negroni requested a twist on his usual drink; the Americano.

All menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability.

Please inform us of any allergies and ask for further details of dishes that contain allergens.It is thought that the idea of adding milk stems from the English “syllabub” a drink of milk and spices, curdled with wine.1497 was the year it was first discovered that vitamin C could save poor sailors from a scurvy-laden fate.Fruit was added to alcoholic spirits, which would naturally preserve the vitamin C.Now the iconic Australian soft drink; it is thought that this drink evolved from a “Campbell” a potential substitute to Pink Gin for abstinent sailors.Shrubs were originally used to mask the taste of illegally smuggled spirits that had been stored offshore in oak barrels to avoid excise men.Taking inspiration from a recipe found in Elizibeth Moxon’s English Housewifery, this elegant fizz is reminiscent of a champagne cocktail.

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