Who is female rapper trina dating has condoleezza rice dating

The gist of "Nann" is pretty straightforward: Trina resists Trick's romantic overtures ("Hell no I don't wanna holla [...] he all over there smelling like boonk and Hennessey), but he implores her to reconsider.

It was Trina's solo performance that sold the song and record on the crowd, bolstering the then-struggling Slip-N-Slide label, according to C. The crowd was attentive, sure, but wasn't riled up until Trina, still unknown in the hip-hop world, strutted on stage in a diamond bra and matching miniskirt and took the mike."When she came out, it was like pandemonium. "We never knew the record would take off like it did.""It was history from there."Trina says she never meant to become an artist—let alone a performer known for theatrically narrated, and largely fictional, sexual proclivities.

"Not at all."Trina's first single, "Da Baddest," was released in 1999 and was the title track on her debut album, which came out in 2000.

"But they never really knew me."Romantically, she feels the same way."You meet somebody and get to know him, and you don't know if there's a motive," she says, adding that there are also professional ramifications in dating.

She worries that "I don't want to be labeled as 'I'm with you.' "There are also some pragmatic reasons why Trina might not be as prominent a figure today as in the past.

The manager shakes his head and half shrugs his shoulders. From the age of 10, she participated in modeling and talent shows.

There's a wait, he also says, but you can get drinks at the bar while you wait. Then, in high school, she was a majorette and frequented teen clubs and skating rinks.

She wanted to put a show together and make it big and be very extravagant," C. explains, but "because she was a girl," labels "played it safe" and stuck to the graphic rap they knew could make money."She didn't have the push like a lot of other people. "Every album she put out, I think the label was always afraid.

They were very scared to take that chance to put everything behind her."The result: "She's such a 'bad girl,' it's hard for people to really respect her.'"As she finishes her cocktail, Trina admits this."They had this image, the baddest b*tch," she says.

A recent NPR essay even quipped that Trina is "more than willing to oblige" the stereotype.

En route to her next preshoot errand, Trina tells that hip-hop is male dominated, calling for her to maintain a one-dimensional, "tough exterior" and write sexualized rhyme after hyper-sexualized rhyme."I was around the boys so much I was thinking like one of them," she says.

She's dressed casually that Wednesday in a white tank top, matching shorts and flip-flops, with her blonde ponytail tucked under a black baseball cap, but she radiates an effortless prettiness—perfect skin and smile; gentle, bright eyes with just the faintest hint of glittery shadow on the lids.

Unlike many celebrities, she can be seen without makeup and look not only good but great.

" Trina asks her entourage of a floor-to-ceiling metal pipe as she browses the many jeweled, studded, and tasseled bras at a South Beach boutique that caters to drag queens. Trina, who's also known as the "Diamond Princess" and "Queen of Miami," quickly flips through one of the many racks of leather and lace and mesh and fishnet and, seeing nothing that strikes her eye, moves on to the next rack of similar underwear-styled outerwear.

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