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He was subsequently charged with multiple sexual assaults in Louisiana, Arizona, and Nevada, and pled guilty to rape charges involving nine women. Did you think Gabrielle Union made it through the aforementioned divorce debacle without taking a few punches?

She was dragged through the dirt and into the legal melee, too.

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Professional basketball player Dwyane Wade got down on one knee and proposed to his then-girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, in December 2013.

That engagement was a long time coming, considering the couple had been dating since 2009, and Union had become a loving and supportive fixture in Wade's children's lives, as well.

The child's mother, Aja Metoyer pictured, right , told Bossip in May without directly mentioning Wade or Union by name, that she and the basketball star had known each other for "10 years plus.

In fact, the actress had reportedly posted a series of romantic photos of Wade on her Instagram account during that time.

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In , Sharper was arrested and accused of sexual assault in California.His first name is pronounced the same as the more common spellings "Dwayne" and "Duane".In his third season, Wade led the Miami Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.She has even mocked his poor performances in interviews. So what do two rich and successful celebs like to do during their downtime? Strange things about Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union's marriage.She confessed that when they're in Miami, it's more challenging for them to to do regular, everyday things, but when they're in Los Angeles, all bets are off. However, in April , Union began posting sad, cryptic messages.

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