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Mitchell and Webb have been a comedy duo since pretty much the start of their careers and remain so today, and yet I’ll always remember them as the Mac and PC guys.

I didn’t think something like a little advertisement campaign warranted a mention in David Mitchell’s memoir of a successful career in comedy and television, but surprisingly, there are several paragraphs devoted to his regret, having been chastised by peers by appearing in these commercials.

He goes on walks because he has a bad back (hence the title) and takes us on one of these strolls, pointing out landmarks, which often trigger memories. We get Mitchell’s story of his hero Michael Palin coming up to him in a pub and complimenting him and Mitchell not handling it well, we get his involvement with Footlights, which also spawned the talents of John Cleese, Douglas Adams, Simon Jones, and so on, and we of course get the introduction to his friendship with Robert Webb.

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He tells Louise Carpenter When the Peep Show actor and panel-show regular David Mitchell was a boy – clever, introspective and a doted-upon only child for eight years – he had his “special costume trunk”.

There was a lime-green and brown jumper for Star Trek, a black mac for Doctor Who and an 18th-century king.

An advert in the Times’ Births, Marriages and Deaths column reads: ‘MR D. ‘People call this hypocrisy, when in fact it’s just caring more about your own feelings than another person’s; that’s something we’re evolved to do.

The actor took to his column to suggest activities that should be encouraged in order to prepare kids for a less wholesome world.

They continued to work together afterward with other former students, including Olivia Colman who, from Mitchell’s re-telling, was brilliant as she is today.

One time, after tying his bowtie in the dark backstage without a mirror, Mitchell walked out on stage.

After stabbing Mitchell, Gabbard called a local restaurant and ordered a pizza, which was delivered to the residence.“The delivery guy saw him on the floor dead,” Gmoser said. It was only after Gabbard posted on Facebook that she had stabbed Mitchell that police were called by a Facebook friend, not by Gabbard, Gmoser said.

MORE: Animal groups react to indictment in dog’s death in prison Thank you for reading the Journal-News and for supporting local journalism.

David Mitchell’s sitcom about Shakespeare is a hit; he’s a happily married first-time father; he’s not even worried about being laughed at.

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