Who is dating usa arie

Because he obviously wanted to make sure he got in that time with those girls.

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I kind of just chuckled to myself after I wrote that because I realize that I actually sent myself home when I was on the Bachelor. So I always find it refreshing when someone realizes that and goes home on their own.

I’m always really impressed when someone decides to send them self home . I guess I just think so many people on the show get caught up with the winning and like Jacqueline said, falling in love with the idea of falling in love rather than falling in love with the actual person on the show.

Unless they end up together, and in that case, maybe this moment will be revisited at After the Final Rose.

I sure hope it is addressed in more detailed at some point. I feel like he’s falling in love with the idea of her or in love with the way she looks or something. My gut was that Sienne would go home when we first saw that she was getting the one in one day.

I had to rewind it and re-watch to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

But of course I didn’t miss anything because they barely said anything to each other.

The daytime portion of their date was definitely better than the daytime portion of their date last week. I’d like to say that the editors must be editing out all of their interesting conversations but I highly doubt that’s the case.

Interesting conversations make the show more interesting. I honestly found myself zoning out during their date multiple times.

But that’s the norm on pretty much any and every date this season.

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