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Many of her fans are connected with her via facebook pages.

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But their relationship had to split in a short period of time.

Currently, she is single and has not committed to anyone and is not thinking about her marriage.

Briana defended herself by saying that Nico didn’t really discuss Melissa with her and that when he did, he said that the relationship wasn’t that serious.

Despite their hookup, it seems that viewers won’t be seeing Nico and Briana embark on a full-fledged relationship as the season progresses.

Briana admitted to Kate on the podcast that she sees what she and Nico had as nothing more than “a little boat fling” that she did to pass the time.

Briana Barbara-Jane Evigan (born October 23, 1986) is an American actress and dancer.

Evigan has been noted as a Scream Queen for starring in many horror and thriller films, such as Sorority Row, Burning Bright, Mother's Day, The Devil's Carnival, Stash House, and Mine Games.

Wikipedia Host Jill Wagner and house DJ Cole Plante bring Teen Wolf stars Tyler Hoechlin and Meagan Tandy in for Fight Night with celebrity guest Briana Evigan. Stash House is a 2012 thriller film written by Gary Spinelli and directed by Eduardo Rodriguez.

A big topic of conversation was Briana’s burgeoning relationship with Nico Scholly.

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