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But once you sign on and do the work, it’s in the hand of the companies.”FUN AND GAMES: “On ‘The Waterboy,’ it’s like they’ve got the formula down.Adam always works with people he’s known for a long time.

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Then I went for more challenging roles that I could learn from.

I learned a great deal but got pigeon-holed as the dark, scary, crazy girl.”‘X’ FILES: “The problem with ‘American History X,’ that’s between the studio and Tony Kaye and Edward Norton. I really put a lot into this, a lot of time and research.

Fairuza is a Californian beauty stunner blessed with splendid good looks and dazzling smile.

Though diminutive with a stature of 5 feet 3 inches, the actress packs a great talent in her frame, proven with movies like ‘The Waterboy’.

Having launched onto the screen as Dorothy Gale of ‘Return To Oz’, Balk fast became the actress much in demand following her never-ending popularity and fame.

Nothing but bravura and gorgeous, her natural heavenly face compelled the whole world to fall for the star.

Electing privacy when it comes to a relationship, she revealed no information about it on media even after all these years.

The actress was, however, dating British actor, David Thewlis back in the early days. Moreau’ and soon the rumors of their blossoming friendship and bond sparked on the media.

But I didn’t get to meet her.”BREAKING STAR: “Emily Watson from ‘Breaking the Waves,’ that girl has got the gift, that magical talent.

Fairuza Balk is a world-renowned American television and film actress.

Fairuza Balk, famed with her role as Nancy Downs in Andrew Fleming supernatural horror film ‘The Craft’ initially made her acting debut with Disney’s fantasy adventure ‘Return of Oz’, an adaption from L Frank Baum’s Oz novels.

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