White dating black undercover brother

In the first couple of weeks of being live the developers pummeled the site with updates and have slowed right down but at least they are still active.Episodes are quite lengthy running for roughly an hour on average this is mostly due to the lengthy introductions which are well worth the watch, in other words don't skip straight to the sex scenes because the intros are pretty much the main thing which separates these scenes from the usual interracial scene.Members are provided with a navigation menu to make their way to the different sections of the site, this is situated down the left border of the site and contains the links to both the picture and video archives.

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Staged or not it doesn't change the fact that some reality porn can be downright entertaining but I've yet to come across a reality theme which is as original and humorous as the content available on Brother Undercover.

As with most reality based porn the scenes available on this site start off with story lines and there are times when you're sides will split from laughing too much as there are quite a few hilarious episodes on this site.

It would be nice to see a few threesomes in to the collection to mix things up a little.

Either way it doesn't change the fact that the episodes are quite entertaining and more importantly are as hot as hell!

So not only do members have access to quite a bit of porn, but they also have access to quite a diverse selection of smut.

Just from checking out the tour pages of this site you immediately know that the site has something different to offer rather than the usual interracial porn we are all used to.What I did find a little weird is that the streamed videos are in a higher resolution than the downloadable videos clocking in at (400kbps @ 640x480), weird specs I know because the low kbps rate doesn't complement the decent resolution.Each episode also comes with a set of high quality pictures, each set comes with approximately 500 pictures each which feature the same location and action as the video footage, in fact it wouldn't surprise me if they were taken the same time the video footage was shot.But like I said a little bit of diversity couldn't hurt, that can also be said for the ladies on show as most of them are blonds and brunettes, on the other hand they are all quite stunning so it's not all bad.Brother Undercover is quite a new site as the first batch of episodes were launched a mere three months ago on February.The only average aspect of the pictures would have to be the sizes they come in because at 800x600 pixels they aren't going to be winning any prizes as far as size goes.

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