While updating my iphone froze

It’s clear that there are numerous problems that can cause an i Phone software update to get stuck. Apple often expects users to have their device plugged into the charger while updating software. In fact, half of the update was already downloaded. It would seem that the update was downloading, but it showed the “Update Requested” message while disconnected from the charger.

while updating my iphone froze-68

Since i OS is closed source, it’s impossible to say for sure how this happens. Basically, a soft reset restarts your i Phone and clears out any temporarily cached data.

It’s the go-to solution that Apple Geniuses recommend for a variety of problems.

Sometimes this is because your i Phone isn’t plugged in to a charger.

To further confuse users, no message is displayed informing why the update has stalled.

I recommend turning the brightness on your i Phone down all the way.

If possible, place the i Phone on a metal surface, which will help dissipate heat.It will generate a lot of heat and this may damage your i Phone’s battery.Shortly after every i OS update, I see an uptick in battery related articles views.You can manually put your i Phone or i Pad into Recovery mode if you're having a problem with a download or installation. Remember: You'll need to be able to connect your i Phone or i Pad to your computer so you can access the Recovery tools in i Tunes.However, this particular issue sends your i Phone or i Pad directly into Recovery Mode without your prompting, which can be frightening for someone that's never even heard of the feature. If you don't have a computer, you'll have to find someone who does or visit an Apple Store and have a technician help you.If it gets stuck, plug it in to the charger and then remove the cable once the update starts.

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