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Additional advantages of the single isotopic measurements of the K.

However, because each of these parameters is difficult to determine independantly, a mineral standard, or monitor, of known age is irradiated with the samples of unknown age.

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Argon-36 in the sample accounts for any air contamination.

The isotopes the KAr system relies on are Potassium (K) and Argon (Ar).

And when I look at the Wikipedia article, the discussion is so technical and defensive that I can't actually picture what is going on. As noted in the comments the wikipedia articles (at the time this question was submitted) are contradictory.

There are quite a few steps to the logic of how argon-argon dating works but none are too complicated, although I won't go into all of the possible interferences.

Argon loss and excess argon are two common problems that may cause erroneous ages to be determined.

Argon loss occurs when radiogenic K by a fast neutron reaction) can be used as a proxy for potassium.

The trick is to irradiate the sample with neutrons along with samples of known age.

Some of the potassium-39 forms argon-39 by an n,p reaction.

These reactor produced isotopes of argon must be corrected for in order to determine an accurate age.

The monitoring of the interfering reactions is performed through the use of laboratory salts and glasses.

A problem is that it takes two separate measurements to get the potassium concentration and the argon isotope ratios, increasing the uncertainty.

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