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Flowers on the first date are too forward, make the guy look über needy, and are just plain obnoxious to deal with. Fumbling around with them, I look up at him for any sign as to what I should do. The flowers don’t fit on the tiny table, they don’t fit on my lap (not that I want to hold them there anyway), and I figure it’s rude to put them on the floor (he was, after all, trying to do something nice by giving me the flowers).

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Leave outside in cold elements for 12 to 13 weeks, then bring indoors to bloom.

Some blooms such as hyacinth, crocus and narcissus can be forced in water, which takes 4 to 8 weeks.

She wants to have to chase you a bit and impress you, rather than feeling like you will accept her no matter what she says or does.

To a woman, if there is no chase involved in the courtship, you’re not worth catching because you are probably feeling desperate to get ANY half-decent woman.

The gentleman may have to seek out a field of wildflowers in the countryside or beg a neighbor's permission to cut a few tulips.

A gentleman who wishes to put a bit of effort into a flower gift will select a flower with a specific meaning.

No matter how well you think the date is going, making plans for a second date while you’re on a first date is not a good move.

If you make it obvious that you’re totally hooked on her already, you take away the thrill of the chase that a woman YEARNS to experience with a guy.

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