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Berklee Online instructor Loudon Stearns demonstrates how to create a complex groove using only Ableton Live’s Operator and the built-in looping envelopes and LFOs. You can add some other modulators if you like, but first create a complex groove, using only Operator's built-in modulators. Treat this video tutorial as a process, rather than a step-by-step instructional. Don't try to do something exactly like what we do here. Instead, make a preset inspired by it. To help work with this preset, create an "infinite note" by adjusting the start of the clip and the loop points of the clip so that the end of the note is never reached as the clip loops. Once you have created an interesting groove, try making the preset monophonic and employing multiple MIDI notes and glide to create more interesting melodic shapes.

About Loudon Stearns:
Loudon Stearns is an associate professor at Berklee College of Music, as well as a course author and instructor at Berklee Online. The courses he has authored include Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live, Composing and Producing Electronic Music 1, and Composing and Producing Electronic Music 2. With Erin Barra, he co-authored the courses Ableton Live Fundamentals and Ableton Live Techniques: Sampling. Within the Contemporary Writing and Production department at Berklee College of Music, Loudon prepares students to work as independent composers and producers in a technology-laden music industry. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Writing and Production and Bass Performance from Berklee College of Music, and a Master of Fine Arts in Media Art from Emerson College.

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