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Following a trip made from Chicago to Paris, Hasan Syed grew increasingly frustrated at British Airways’ (BA) ability to handle the issue of his father’s lost luggage.

What followed was Syed turning to Twitter express his annoyance towards the airline.

The smart thing to do is to keep things professional and comply with their request.

The last thing you want to do is to make the person feel as if they’re being held hostage by dragging on the conversation and trying to convince them to change their mind.

Even though it’s good to know why a customer decided to leave your service, the support rep from Comcast approached it the wrong way and caused bad press for the company.

When a customer decides he wants to discontinue their relationship with you, they’ve already made up their mind.

But while we want to learn from the best , there’s a lot to learn from the worst too.

We’ll look at five bad customer service examples and what you can learn from them.

As you can hear from Block’s recording of the call, the customer service rep from Comcast was never going to let them go.

You can also sense Block’s frustration at not being able to simply disconnect his service, despite explaining he’s already signed up with another cable provider.

In the end, this incident attracted a lot of media attention and forced Comcast to release a statement apologizing for the ordeal. We’d expect that occasionally from friends, family or children – but from a bank with 170 branches across Tennessee?

That’s exactly what happened when Redditor got in touch with his bank to find out why his card was not working at the ATM.

Their response prompted the public to question the logic why an airline that operates around the clock, only provides limited hours for responding on Twitter.

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