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Kim’s such a great champion who was very talented, but I know how difficult that life was for her and that not everyone is able to do the same.“I just miss the game, and the competition, playing against top players.I want to give it a shot, play a few events, and see how it goes. But it’s not something that happens overnight, and you can practice all day long, but matches are so different.

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Evelyn is still too little and it will take too much energy from me, running around after her all day long!

“When you’re playing tournaments, sometimes you want to play three or four in a row to get your groove and get good practice with other girls. After one week, I want to go back home to see and play with her.

The two-time Grand Slam finalist kicked her return into high gear when she accepted a wildcard into New Haven’s qualifying draw, her first WTA tournament since 2015.“I made the decision at the last moment, because I was getting in shape and practicing, and I felt like I needed to play some matches,” Zvonareva told WTA Insider on Thursday.

“It’s one thing to practice, but another to be playing matches.

I’ve had great memories from this event; the campus has a lot of history, being such a big university. I’ve been here two days now and I’m really enjoying my time.”That enjoyment is admittedly tempered by the absence of her family, husband Alexander and daughter Evelyn.

Traveling with hitting partner Kirill Komarov, the 32-year-old is reluctant to call this a comeback, planning a slate of tournaments that lets her balance professional tennis and motherhood.

I got this opportunity to come here, getting the wildcard to New Haven.

It’s great to be back, practicing on main courts and getting ready for a tournament.“We’ll see how it goes, because I don’t have too many other plans beyond US Open qualifying.

Kuznetsova's countrywoman and fellow former World No.2 Vera Zvonareva reached the final back in 2010; absent from the Open since 2012, Zvonareva will be part of the action for the first time in four years, if only from a distance."I'll be commentating for Eurosport Russia for a few matches," she told by phone on Wednesday. I like to watch tennis and different matches, so it will be exciting."I don't know if I'll be good at it or not, but it'll be something good to try.

I've only ever been in the radio booth, but not on TV.

I know it’ll take some time.”Motherhood has undoubtedly introduced new perspective, one the famously demonstrative Zvonareva aims to apply to her first match in New Haven. My tennis is probably not as important, and it’s a little different because when you go on the court, you have all this experience from playing so many matches.“I’m playing more for myself because I like the sport, competing, and I enjoy my time on the court.

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