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There’s no need to use any library like j Query etc. In-fact the method that I am showing you here can also be used on dynamically created checkboxes.

The same above procedure (or method) can be used to check dynamically created checkboxes.

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However, never forget to validate form data at the server side also.

Validate your HTML form with Javascript validation.

I've spent a couple of hours searching for a solution to validating a checkbox, since the Required Field Validator does not work with Checkboxes. Look for "skm Validators - custom validation controls for Check Boxes and Check Box Lists for ASP. The second step is to write a bit of Java Script (JQuery) to return the non-checked state of the checkbox to validate.

Below, I am showing a Java Script variable being set, that is for use by the Java Script method.

You can easily create checkboxes dynamically using Java Script and add it to a webpage.

These checkboxes too need to be checked, in some cases. Now, you can validate your checkboxes easily at the client side using the above methods. There is one text field that is required and 28 checkbox groups.Here an example of a checkbox group: If you want something that acts, looks and feels like a radio button, then you use a radio button.On this page we show how to use Java Script to handle individual checkboxes and groups of checkboxes onclick.The first step is to obtain references to the checkboxes you wish to attach onclick handlers to.A radio button allows the user to select only one option so Javascript should display a message only if none of the radiobuttons are selected.

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