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But, the investment pays off immeasurably for the rest of your life. Will you get some benefit out of paying for a crash course weekend in dating? I could teach you the basics of culinary arts in a weekend.

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I rooted my philosophy in honesty, respect for both genders, and the promotion of healthy values.

And while I run a business that keeps me afloat, I refuse to let it challenge my integrity.

You would have time to form good habits, retain knowledge, and get consistent feedback. How quickly after you took those exams did you forget most of the material?

Most importantly, don’t compare yourself to what you read, either.

The industry attracted a lot of less-than-stellar characters and the reputation of a dating coach was quickly tarnished.

Now when people hear the phrase “dating coach” they instantly think “sleazy car salesman”.

There are thousands of online posts from dating coaches sharing their encounters with girls.

These stories showcase the coaches’ godlike abilities to attract gorgeous women.

There is no specific line, routine, or step-by-step-process to attract women.

Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all solutions sell to desperate minds. Focus on the bigger picture and stop obsessing over every detail.

They contain perfectly witty dialogue and convey unbelievable sexual escapades.

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