Andy Seven

Robin The Boy Wonder - The Mercuries

2 г. назад

This is a rare single about Robin The Boy Wonder which I captured from the great garage internet station Beyond The Beat Generation. The band is The ...

Trash Can School - Gaslight 1990 FULL SET

3 г. назад

Trash Can School live at The Gaslight, Hollywood, CA March 1990. Songs include...

Trash Can School Shamrock 1990 FULL SET

3 г. назад

Trash Can School live at The Shamrock, Hollywood, CA September 1990. Songs include Everything Must Go, Horses, Satan's Favorite Groupie, One Eyed Car, ...

Trash Can School - Lounge Ax 1992 FULL SET

3 г. назад

Trash Can School playing a full set at Lounge Ax in Chicago, IL on their 1992 Sick Jokes And Wet Dreams national tour. 45 minutes long. Songs include Baby ...

Play It As It Lays (1972) Full Movie

3 г. назад

Frank Perry's bizarre adaptation of Joan Didion's legendary novel starring Tuesday Weld and Anthony Perkins.

Psychopathia Sexualis aka On Her Bed of Roses (1966) Full Movie

3 г. назад

Bizarre sleaze from Producer-Director Albert Zugsmith about a repressed young man's sexual fetish with his rose garden. His lusty neighbor tries to seduce him, ...

Violated (1953) FULL MOVIE

3 г. назад

Violated (1953) starring Wim Holland and Lili Dawn about a psycho photographer.

Last In Space - SUPERNOVA

3 г. назад

Supernova, those nutty space punks in their own full-length show Last In Space.

Naked Alibi (1954) Sterling Hayden, Gloria Grahame, Gene Barry FULL MOVIE

3 г. назад

Naked Alibi (1954) noir classic starring Sterling Hayden, Gloria Grahame, and Gene Barry. Barry's a weaselly cop killer with Sterling hot on his trail, following ...

Mother Goose A Go-Go (1966) FULL MOVIE

3 г. назад

Mother Goose A Go-Go aka The Unkissed Bride starring Tommy KIrk, Anne Helm, Jacques Bergerac and Danica D'Hondt. A mid-Sixties sex comedy about a ...

Hit and Run (1957) FULL MOVIE Hugo Haas, Cleo Moore

3 г. назад

A rich old man (Haas) marries a low class showgirl (Moore), and she soon after falls for handsome young Vince Edwards (TV's BEN CASEY). They plot to have ...

Nightmare In The Sun (1965) Full Movie

4 г. назад

Nightmare In The Sun (1965) was directed by Marc Lawrence and starred Ursula Andress, John Derek, Aldo Ray and an endless plethora of character actors, ...

Won't Anybody Listen: The Saga of NC-17

4 г. назад

Won't Anybody Listen? (2001) is one of the best documentaries ever made about the music industry. It's the not-so-simple story of NC-17, a band trying to make ...

PICKUP (1951) FULL MOVIE Hugo Haas, Beverly Michaels, Alan Nixon

4 г. назад

One of Haas' best noir films, this movie has the feel of an old dime paperback. Pickup (1951): Haas is a station agent for the railroads and bags cheap Beverly ...

The Man With My Face (1951) Full Movie

4 г. назад

1951 noir filmed on location in sunny Puerto Rico starring TV star Barry Nelson with Jack Elam and Jack Warden about a man who wakes up to find his family ...

Angel's Flight (1965) Full Movie

4 г. назад

Angel's Flight, the complete film starring Indus Arthur as a stripper who kills men she picks up in Bunker Hill. Angel's Flight is not only a great post-noir crime film ...

American Mod (2002) complete film

4 г. назад

American Mod (2002) directed by Kolton Lee, featuring Quentin Crisp in his last film appearance. Music by Headquarters. 18 minutes long.

The Year of My Japanese Cousin (1995) Full Movie

4 г. назад

The Year of My Japanese Cousin (1995), Directed by Maria Gargiulo and starring Selene Vigil from 7 Year Bitch and SF rocker Janis Tanaka with Criss Crass ...

President Junkie - Trash Can School (1990)

5 г. назад

Trash Can School performing President Junkie live at The Shamrock in Silver Lake, CA on August 21, 1990. One of the most overlooked bands of the Nineties, ...

The Woman Chaser: Flaps' Feedback Score

9 г. назад

A scene from "The Woman Chaser", where first-time director Richard Hudson gives Flaps a valuable pep-talk before he plays his feedback laden electric guitar ...

The Generation Gap

9 г. назад

Is it a dance show? Is it a game show? Only da gangsta clown knows for sure.