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The definition of ‘truth’ keeps changing under Trump

10 ча назад

Rather than defending President Trump's statements, his team often opts to challenge the very definitions of truth and fact. Subscribe to The Washington Post on ...

White House honors ICE and border protection workers

12 ча назад

President Trump participates in event to honor those working for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs Border Protection. Subscribe to The ...

Kitesurfing, reading and traveling the world: Keeping up with Barack Obama

13 ча назад

From marking historic moments in South Africa to setting up shop at his new executive office in the District, former president Barack Obama has kept busy since ...

Are the laws combatting online sex trafficking working?

16 ча назад

Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.) touted the success of two bills that aimed to cut down on online sex trafficking. The numbers tell a more complicated story. Read more: ...

First lady Melania Trump warns of 'destructive and harmful' power of social media

17 ча назад

First lady Melania Trump spoke at an anti-bullying conference on Aug. 20, about promoting safe and healthy online habits for children. Read more: ...

New Jersey high school installs laundry room to help bullied students

18 ча назад

West Side High School in Newark, converted a football locker room into a free laundry room to combat bullying. Read more: https://wapo.st/2N2eUTN. Subscribe ...

‘Christmas Miracle’: How one man escaped North Korea at the height of the Korean War

20 ча назад

The Post spoke with 88-year-old Sohn Dong-hun, who escaped North Korea in 1950 in one of the biggest evacuations of the Korean War, now known as the ...

4 times scientists took on questions you didn’t know you had

3 дн назад

Two MIT students solved how to break spaghetti in two parts, rather than three. Here are some other bizarre problems scientists have researched. Read more: ...

Florida's toxic red tide: These are the scientists on the front lines of animal rescue

3 дн назад

A toxic algae bloom on Florida's southwest coast is having a devastating impact on marine life. When dead animals wash ashore, scientists at the Mote Marine ...

'Bruce Ohr is a disgrace': Trump threatens to revoke more security clearances

3 дн назад

President Trump on Aug. 17 defended his action toward ex-CIA director John Brennan, warning former associate deputy attorney general Bruce Ohr could be ...

Trump calls Turkey's charges on detained pastor 'phony'

3 дн назад

President Trump responded Aug. 17 to a Turkish court's refusal to free American pastor Andrew Brunson, saying the NATO ally has not “acted as a friend.

Without visas for foreign workers, Maryland’s crab-picking jobs go unfilled

3 дн назад

Changes to the H-2B visa program have left about a third of crab-picking jobs unfilled, pushing one business owner to consider moving his facility to Mexico.

Opinion | Manafort trial coverage is missing a key issue: Kleptocracy

4 дн назад

The rise of kleptocracy and the threat it poses to democracy are missing from the conversation about Paul Manafort, says Democracy Post editor Christian Caryl.

How 'Respect,' Aretha Franklin's iconic athem, came to be

4 дн назад

Originally written and performed by Otis Redding, "Respect" became a feminist and civil rights anthem by the "Queen of Soul." Here's how that happened.

Pint-size tap dancer reflects on getting Aretha Franklin's 'Respect'

4 дн назад

In 2015, a video of 6-year-old Johanna Colón dancing to Aretha Franklin's “Respect” went viral. Three years later, she was praying for the music legend up until ...

The life of Aretha Franklin, in her own words

4 дн назад

Take a look back at Aretha Franklin's life, as she tells it through a series of interviews. The “Queen of Soul” passed away at the age of 76. Subscribe to The ...

FCC Chair to testify for lying about agency cyberattack

5 дн назад

Ajit Pai claimed the Federal Communications Commission's servers went down due to a cyberattack during the FCC's repeal hearing of net neutrality. Subscribe ...

Episode 45 - Donald J. Trump | PRESIDENTIAL podcast | The Washington Post

5 дн назад

In this final episode of the podcast (published just after Donald Trump's presidential election victory), Library of Congress historians Michelle Krowl and Julie ...

Remembering Aretha Franklin, the 'Queen of Soul'

5 дн назад

Music icon Aretha Franklin passed away at her home in Detroit on Aug. 16 at the age of 76. Here's a look back at her career and legendary songs. Read more: ...

Wisconsin’s lieutenant governor candidate wants people to know that he is alive

5 дн назад

Mandela Barnes won the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor of Wisconsin on Aug. 14. Local media reported him dead, as a white person and not on the ...

Sexual abuse survivor: ’My only two emotions…have been fear and anger’

5 дн назад

Jim VanSickle spoke out about a Catholic priest who allegedly sexually assaulted him in 1979. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: ...