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This abbreviation is put in the album name so the in-crowd has easy access.

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The rabbit hole points back to a very large Russian image hosting company with 21.61 million visits per month.

Some interesting statistics arise: looks like an ordinary images hosting site.

There are in total 65 categories on in which albums can be placed.

An album contains on average 34 pictures (in the ‘kids’ category).

I’ve collected and calculated the total number of albums and pictures per category: I’ve screened the album names to look for indication of pictures of kids and marked ‘xxx’ next to each category when it’s probably full of pedo material (see red rectangles in above tables).

Some interesting statistics arise: in the album name, or the website filters those albums out in the search results. Creating in-depth statistics To answer that question, I needed to create more insight into what exactly is hosted on the site.

“The police should track the authors of these sick comments.

If they’re as brazen as this they are probably linked to other, illegal activity.” Peter Saunders, from the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, said: [..] “There needs to be a special task force set up to smash these sort of rings at the source.” The National Crime Agency does monitor i MGSRC.

So I decided to analyze all the 52,011 album names in the ‘kids’ category.

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