Updating translate

Once you are done click on the Save button below the form to create the project.

updating translate-31

To do that you need to run This will import all the translations from disk into Pootle, calculate the translation statistics and calculate the quality check failures. Looking at your new project you will see that Pootle has imported all the existing translations for the existing languages that you copied to the The existing languages enabled for the project are listed.

In our example we are adding Arabic to the project: When you click the Save button the new language will be added for translation.

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I am trying to: translate a Gravity Forms Notification or Confirmation that has been recently updated Link to a page where the issue can be seen: /wp-admin/admin.php?

page=wpml-translation-management/menu/translations-queue.php&job_id=21 I expected to see: My new Notification or Confirmation message Instead, I got: The old Notification or Confirmation message before the update was made. I will do my best to help you to resolve these issues.

This may be happening because of the translation sync issue.When updating a translation, any locale that you specify must be enabled for the current Help Center.If you change the translation locale, it must be different from that of any existing translation associated with the same source object.The Notifications have exactly the same problem as point 1 above, but using the `gform_pre_notification_save` filter.That code is on line 1006 of `gravity-forms-multilingual.class.php` Hello, Thank you for the feedback. Please let me know the exact steps to reproduce the issue.Now each of the languages will need to be brought into sync with the template language.

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