Updating the hosts file in windows vista seattle japan dating

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updating the hosts file in windows vista-14

Modifying the hosts file involves adding two entries to it.

Each entry contains the IP address to which you want the site to resolve and a version of the Internet address.

For now the only work-around is to turn off UAC (requires reboot) then run the “mvps.bat”, then enable UAC again.

Alternately you can do it manually (without turning off UAC) …

However I have come up with a fairly simple solution ... [or] You can Update the HOSTS file via "Elevated" Command Prompt [or] You can use one of the Related Utilities specifically designed for this purpose ...

[or] You can right-click on the included "mvps.bat" and select "Run as Administrator" ...Make sure that the path and file name are correct): The solution to this error is to run notepad (or other editor) as administrator and you will then be able to save the hosts file with no issues.To do this, locate the "Notepad" program on the start menu (it's under "All Programs" then the "Accessories" folder.more info here shortcut [screenshot] In the next dialog box click Browse and navigate to: Windows\System32\drivers\etc Click Ok and in the next dialog box name the shortcut (example) Update Hosts In the future when you wish to update the HOSTS file, download the "hosts.zip", extract the included files and right-click on the included updated HOSTS file and select: Send To Note: this will overwrite (delete) the existing file, so if you have any custom entries in the file I would suggest copying these prior to updating the file.Then open the HOSTS file and paste your custom entries.It's still easy to edit the file, however, by simply running the notepad (or other text editor) as administrator.

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