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I have slackware machines setup with static ips and I had to change the file. What command can I run to reload the file without rebooting? Using the 'dig' command the dns host used is shown at the bottom: ;; Query time: 81 msec ;; SERVER: 144.1#53(144.1) ;; WHEN: Tue Jan 09 EST 2018 After I change the and run dig again: ;; Query time: 0 msec ;; SERVER: 144.1#53(144.1) ;; WHEN: Tue Jan 09 EST 2018 ;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 268Changes to do eventually come into effect, but can take a couple of minutes to "stick," IME. By the way, Network Manager, if you are using it, will overwrite changes to I changed nameserver in /etc/but when I connected vpn in my Cent OS, network-manager pushed my previous DNS back into /etc/ dnsmasq: Network Manager will run dnsmasq as a local caching nameserver, using a "split DNS" configuration if you are connected to a VPN, and then update to point to the local nameserver.

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After I change /etc/resolv.conf, the command "host" and "nslookup" works fine, they can follow the new name server defined in the /etc/resolv.conf, but the command "gethostbyname" will still use the old name server in the old /etc/ BTW, I have a lot of error of dbus cannot connect to the audit system, I am not sure it there is any relation.

As described in my previous post, Ansible is very, very powerful tool for your daily automation tasks.

I do not want network-manager to add DNS servers received from DHCP to my /etc/

Network Manager will update to reflect the nameservers provided by currently active connections.

The second commented line is the nameserver that was used when I originally installed the machine. It appears to be deleting the entry in when it "shuts down" the Zimbra DNSCache module (which I'm not using).

I've searched all through /etc and 97.65yyyy appears nowhere in /etc that I can find. But it has also deleted as well (turning on Network Manager seems to keep it from deleting and I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue and want to make sure there are no networking issues in here. I'm not sure this will be of much use to many people but I will post the final update once I have all the relevant info on a fix.

When using DHCP, dhclient usually rewrites with information received from the DHCP server.

How we can get the system (glibc/libc) to reload /etc/after we make change to it?

configuration file contains information that allows a computer to convert alpha-numeric domain names into the numeric IP addresses.

The process of converting domain names to IP addresses is called resolving.

/etc/resolvconf/d/head File to be prepended to the dynamically generated resolver configuration file. /etc/resolvconf/d/tail File to be appended to the dynamically generated resolver configuration file. This file is a good place to put a resolver options line if one is needed, e.g., options inet6 which means that if the name searched for is not in the cache, then it is asked for at and not at the server provided by dhcp.

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