Updating portage

Portage uses standard C 11 features, so a fairly modern compiler is needed.

Algorithms for each of the phases can be customized (e.g.

order of accuracy of the interpolation) and, through the wrappers, take advantage of hybrid parallelism (MPI X).

Multiple package instances within a single package slot have been pulled !!!

Sadly, it did not and I realized that I had to tell it. The easiest solution I came up with was using $ equery l dev-qt/* -F '$category/$name' dev-qt/linguist-tools dev-qt/qtchooser dev-qt/qtconcurrent dev-qt/qtcore dev-qt/qtdbus dev-qt/qtgui dev-qt/qtnetwork dev-qt/qtsql dev-qt/qtsvg dev-qt/qtwidgets dev-qt/qtx11extras dev-qt/qtxml $ emerge --ask -1 --verbose-conflicts $(equery l dev-qt/* -F '$category/$name') 1 ↵ These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... [ebuild R ] dev-qt/qtchooser-0_p20170803 [ebuild U ] dev-qt/qtcore-5.11.3-r2 [5.11.1-r1] [ebuild U ] dev-qt/qtxml-5.11.3 [5.11.1] [ebuild U ] dev-qt/qtconcurrent-5.11.3 [5.11.1] [ebuild U ] dev-qt/qtdbus-5.11.3 [5.11.1] [ebuild U ] dev-qt/qtnetwork-5.11.3 [5.11.1] [ebuild U ] dev-qt/qtsql-5.11.3 [5.11.1-r1] [ebuild U ] dev-qt/linguist-tools-5.11.3 [5.11.1] [ebuild U ] dev-qt/qtgui-5.11.3 [5.11.1] [ebuild U ] dev-qt/qtwidgets-5.11.3 [5.11.1] [ebuild U ] dev-qt/qtx11extras-5.11.3 [5.11.1] [ebuild U ] dev-qt/qtsvg-5.11.3 [5.11.1] Would you like to merge these packages?

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These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... into the dependency graph, resulting in a slot conflict: dev-qt/qtcore:5 (dev-qt/qtcore-5.12.2:5/5.12::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by dev-qt/qtcore (Argument) (dev-qt/qtcore-5.11.1-r1:5/5.11::gentoo, installed) pulled in by ~dev-qt/qtcore-5.11.1 required by (dev-qt/qtdbus-5.11.1:5/5.11::gentoo, installed) ^ ^^^^^^ (and 9 more with the same problem) I was really hoping that portage would be so smart that would it update whole qt stack in one transaction.

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The above help menu is pretty self explanatory, so I won't go into further details.

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