Updating pkgsrc

At home, I ssh to our department’s computers to use MATLAB. tmux, vim, emacs…) are either missing or too old on them.Manually installing them inside my home directory is not a choice for me since I don’t want to resolve all the dependencies by myself.pkgsrc allows the easy installation of third-party software not contained in the base system.

updating pkgsrc-48updating pkgsrc-61

Thus, when installing packages, you must assure that the right ones are used.

Moreover, when bootstrapping pkgsrc on Mir OS, the Mir Ports directories (normally /usr/mpkg/bin and /usr/mpkg/sbin) must not be in your PATH.

For updating, uninstall, and more, you can refer to pkgsrc’s documetation and wiki.

Although pkgsrc is not as convenient as homebrew on Mac, it is so far the best non-root package manager I know that can run on Linux.

I also ran a command to register my installation as instructed (and I don’t know its effect…).

Suppose you want to install the latest tmux, directory to get a html containing a list of all packages.

), but is just an example of how onboarding Smart OS into your environment can be low-friction for most common tooling.

Let’s assume a Topfile, with a structure like: So, basically, what we’re doing here is setting some environmental variables, downloading a tarball, and unarchiving it.

Now I can use tmux, the latest vim and emacs on my department’s computer.

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