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TUTORIAL: How to delete apps from the update list on i OS 13 and i Pad OSAnd thanks to the changes to the way i OS apps are packaged on the store, customers can expect up to 50 percent smaller apps and up to 50 percent smaller app updates on average, resulting in faster updates that save bandwidth.

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Follow along with i Download Blog as we teach you how to find the updates interface in i OS 13 and i Pad OS’s App Store, as well as update your installed i Phone and i Pad apps.

To install the available app updates on i OS 13 and i Pad OS, do the following:1) Open App Store on your i Phone with i OS 13 or i Pad with i Pad OS.2) Tap your Apple ID profile picture near the top-right corner.3) Scroll halfway down to the Pending Updates section.

How to Restore i OS 10.0/10.2 WITHOUT Updating– First make itunes and icloud backup to make sure all your data is backup. Use i Tunes , this will save all your data including games and your health data.

After all your date is safe you need to delete any ios updated form 10.2.1 or up into your OTA.

the phone will restart and erase all your data without the update.

Finally it’s possible to Jailbreake firmware 2.2.1 for i Phone and i Pod touch and latest Quickpwn 2.2.1 (unofficial version) is available for download.

The next step is to download the appropriate firmware for your device.

If you followed the rest of the guide, clicking on the download link will download the firmware that’s right for you. Once you have your firmware, it’s time to jailbreak.

Yesterday we has reported the current situation of Jailbreak and Unlock with i Phone & i Pod touch firmware 2.2.1.

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