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Theft is not a big concern - I'd be more concerned with theft from my trailer or a motel room.

updating garmin 330c-39

If you were in Atlanta for instance, it would show how to get somewhere, but you'd actually have no idea where are you within the city limits (without backing out the screen shot substantially) It think the unit works well, but only if you have a basic understanding of the city you're in and are accustomed to the highway directions and loops.

The commercials are accurate in selling the units to soccer moms and stuff, that's when they work best.

Software allows for multi-destination and it will optimize the route for you. I finally bought a small unit, a Garmin Luvi ($230) and have been using it non-stop the past month. The Nuvi is about the thickness of a deck of cards.

I can easily stick it in my front pocket when I leave my truck.

The worse thing I've found with these little units is that the map doesnt give you a perspective of where you are. It also doesn't optimize routes if you have a few stops.

It doesn't show, with any clarity, a way around a traffic accident, construction, etc.

It already recognizes that you are in a particular state and allows you to use the remote control or the touch screen to enter the address and the street. The problem with using S & T is that you don't always want to take your laptop and expose it to possible damage, heat, theft, etc.

It will then find the matches starting with your location outward. Also, it does not give you the turn by turn voice prompted directions like Garmin does.

as the features are cumbersome and putting in multiple addresses is a bear.

Quick address edits and rearrangements are not an easy chore. The little guy talks to you and automatically redirects you when you miss a turn. I can enter my start and end, and all the stops for the day.

Currently using a cheep and hackable Mio Digiwalker for 9.00 you can't go wrong.

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