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There are many variations of this formula in Excel.If: Simple test of a logical argument that returns one value when the argument is true, and another value when it is false.Formula (abridged) from cell B3 SUMIFS(‘Data For Our Graph’! We then use named ranges that point towards our automatically updated tables.

Before you know it, you’re throwing away an hour here and an hour there – or more, depending on how much of your workload is focused on reporting.

Our approach will eliminate the need to complete any manual steps besides grabbing a report and dumping it into your Excel file.

Hello again, I am trying to use the consolidate function at the beginning of every month but, I have noticed that there has to be information in every sheet for this to work correctly.

Here is my question, is there a way to consolidate these sheets with no data in them, and just add scores week by week and have them linked to source data?

All of the tables, charts and graphs will all keep themselves updated automatically.

We’re going to accomplish this by automating the tables that power our graphs with sumifs formulas nested within if formulas, and then defining our series values within the graphs with named ranges.

I have attached a sheet where I consolidated the information but I had to put data in every sheet for this to work properly.

I know the sheets have to be formatted the same but with the sheets formatted the same I can't get it to work with out values in range.

Also has many useful derivatives such as iferror, ifnumber, etc.

Named Ranges: Found under the Formulas ribbon, this Excel function allows you to create a name for a range of cells that you can then use in other formulas and functions.

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