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As for location, if your house is in an upscale or pricier neighborhood, hardwood, wool carpeting or stone tiles are a better option than laminate, a budget carpet material or vinyl, which could suffice anywhere else.

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Odds are you've heard that the best time to sell your house is in the spring, because that's when the buyers are out and about.

But it also means you'll be competing against a slew of sellers."Listing in the spring means you are positioning yourself to compete with several other homes.

"Hiring a professional photographer and adding drone pictures are an increased cost to a seller, but well worth the investment."In fact, it may be a good idea to take it even further, says Mark Cianciulli, real estate agent and co-founder of the CREM Group in Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA.

"For instance, the benchmark has become getting professional photos taken of the property, creating high-quality videos for your property that allow buyers to see different perspectives inside and outside the home, as well as 3D tours of the home that allow buyers to navigate though the home at will and in any direction they choose," Cianciulli explains.

So as a seller in the spring, you have to price and market your home flawlessly to show buyers that your home is more desirable than the house next door," says real estate agent Cheyanne Banks, of Nest Seekers International in Jersey City, NJ.

"Because buyers have more choice in the spring market, they’re more likely to negotiate a lower price." In fact, Banks now advises her clients to list in the summer and winter, when there's less competition.Use a miter saw to cut and fit the lengths as needed.Install a second layer of treated subfloor plywood for a total of 1 ¼ inches or as required by your local building inspector to support the tile's weight if you’ll be tiling the floor. Depending on your tiles, the instructions of the manufacturer and local codes, you will likely require a particular mortar, backerboard sheets and joint adhesive for the tilework base. Cut the tiles to fit along walls as required with a tile or wet saw."Not updating an older home could leave sellers at a disadvantage, especially if other homeowners have updated their homes before selling, even if the unimproved home is priced at a discount compared to more updated homes in the area."Even though home prices are going down, the buyers that remain are willing to pay a premium for homes that look the part, so put in some elbow grease before you put up that "For Sale" sign.If you've ever sold a home before, you probably remember the real estate agent coming in and snapping a few quick photos of your home to place with your listing. We're sorry to say that's just not going to fly this time around."How your property looks online will have a direct impact on the number of buyers who will be interested in purchasing your home," says Nancy Wallace-Laabs, a real estate broker with KBN Homes, in Frisco, TX."This results in more carrying costs for you and dramatic price reductions later."Another reason sellers were pricing high was to leave room for buyers who were eager to negotiate, but real estate broker Gill Chowdhury, with Warburg Realty in New York City, says today's buyers won't play that game."With supply higher than it was a few years ago, if you're not priced at market, or at least very close, you're not going to get that many people in the door to begin with," she says.

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