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If cupboards have glass doors, their interiors are a wonderful place to use an accent color, as are the back walls of alcoves or open shelves.

You will find over 400 kitchen ranges to choose from together with all major appliances, sinks, taps and work surfaces with the addition of made to measure replacement door and drawer fronts in a huge range of colours and designs.

All personally sourced and chosen for their quality and value for money.

Especially within the outlines of an old U-shaped kitchen, paint creates new perspectives on predictable space.

Whether you think in terms of big- or small-brush projects, use paint to make your old-fashioned kitchen a welcoming contemporary family space.

Painting base cabinets a dark color and overhead cabinets a light one, for example, creates large and continuous sweeps of color in a U-shaped kitchen.

Choosing a color such as gray or even black can blur the blocky outlines of undercounter appliances such as the dishwasher.

For a budget-conscious update of an old kitchen, nothing beats paint.

With thoughtful paint choices, you can make spaces seem larger, cozier or more modern.

A single pop of a retro color such as aqua, melon or chartreuse can be used in a modern way if confined to part of a wall surface, a counter splash-back or a pair of brightly painted stools.

Use primary colors or strong food-y colors such as orange, cherry red or eggplant purple as a single accent against a modern monotone.

Our showroom has been likened to "An Aladins Cave" by many customers over the years who are often surprised at the amazing range of kitchens and associated products on display.

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